Annual Essay Competition

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JATL is excited to announce its third annual Essay Competition ‘Law in First Person.’

This year’s competition will explore Indigeneity, and the ways in which the law responds to, recognises and makes reparation to Indigenous peoples, both in historical and contemporary perspective. Possible areas of law that you could explore in your essay include native title, anti-discrimination law, human rights law, criminal law, constitutional law, administrative law and family, elder and children’s law.

If you have any concerns regarding whether your essay topic is appropriate please email us at

Competition Details:

Deadline:    7th of September, 9pm.

First Prize:
  • $400 cash prize
  • One complimentary ticket to the JATL Annual Professional Breakfast, where Pandora’s Box will be launched
  • Publication in JATL’s annual academic journal, Pandora’s Box.

Second Prize:
  • $200 cash prize
  • Publication on JATL’s Pandora’s Blog

Word count:      2,000 - 5,000 words
Submit your entries by email to
This competition is open to all university students undertaking an LLB or JD degree at an Australian university.