Pandora's Box 2016: Law and Technology

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In 2016, the theme of Pandora's Box was 'Law and Technology'. This edition sought to examine the ways in which the law deals with constantly evolving technologies. 



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This year's contributors include:

  • Professor Stuart Hargreaves on ‘The Trouble with Using Search Engines as the Primary Vector of Exercising the Right to be Forgotten’ (Chinese University of Hong Kong).
  • Associate Professor Marie-Helen Maras on 'International Cybercrime Investigations and Prosecutions: Cutting the Gordian Knot' (John Jay College of Criminal Justice).
  • Fabian Horton on ‘The Legal Profession Disrupt’ (College of Law).
  • Keith Kaplan on ‘Virtual Courts – A Fundamental Change to How Courts Operate’ (Court Administrator for Phoenix Municipal Court, Arizona).
  • Associate Professor Xingan Li on ‘Defining Cybercrime Based on Roles of Data Processing Systems’ (Tallinn University).
  • Stephen Mason on ‘A Proposed Convention on Electronic Evidence’ (Barrister, UK).
  • Dr Matthew Rimmer on ‘3D Printing Jurassic Park: Copyright Law, Cultural Institutions, and Makespaces’ (QUT).
  • Professor Anne Wallace on ‘How Could Technology Improve the Working of Australian Courts?’ (Edith Cowan University).
  • Professor Zheng Sophia Tang and and Xu Lu on ‘Choice-of-Court Agreements in Electronic Consumer Contracts in China’ (Newcastle University, University of Leeds).
  • Associate Professor Elizabeth Siew-Kuan Ng on ‘Myriad in Australia: A Patent U-turn in the right direction?’ (National University of Singapore).
  • Professor Bryan Mercurio on ‘Intellectual Property and Free Trade Agreements: A Call to Return to Basics’ (Chinese University of Hong Kong).
  • An Interview with Professor Brad Sherman (UQ).
  • Professor Megan Richardson ‘The Fate of ‘Privacy’ in an Automated Society’ (University of Melbourne).
  • Eliza Mik on ‘Private Lawmaking in Commercial Cyberspace’ (Singapore Management University).
  • Professor Burkhard Schafer on ‘Closing Pandora’s box? The EU proposal on the regulation of robots’ (University of Edinburgh).
  • Angus Fraser on ‘Territorial Sovereignty in the Cyber Age’ (Essay Competition Winner).