Pandora's Box 1995

In its second edition, Pandora’s Box focused on providing a forum where issues relating to women and their participation in the law could be presented and debated. In recognition of the plurality of experience, articles discussing problematic or largely unrecognised areas of the law and their effects on women were discussed.



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The 1995 contributors for Pandora's Box include: 

  • Sabina Lauber on ‘Trafficking in Women: Australia’s Role in the Exploitation in Filipino Women’
  • Susan Harris on ‘How Much Can This Woman Take?’
  • Dahlia Eissa on ‘Sexing the Shari’a- Islamic Law or Cultural Construct?’
  • Zoe Farmer on ‘Parenting and Legal Practice: Incompatible? Nearly!’
  • Robyn Mills on ‘Queensland Abortion Law’
  • Natalie Hamilton on ‘Legalisation or Degradation’
  • Rhonda Penny on ‘Sole Practice in Paddington’
  • Bernadette Rogerson ‘Women in Mediation’
  • Ruth Mortimer on ‘Pro-Woman and Pro-life’