This year we were fortunate to have collected articles from contributors with distinctly different roles within the law- High Court Justice, academic, barrister and police officer. Their varied perspectives converged in this publication, producing a timely reminder of one indisputable truth- women in the law cannot lapse into complacency and resigned indifference. Women involved in the law must persevere in their criticisms of how the law impacts upon women in the various roles they play in both the private and public sphere.


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The 2000 contributors for Pandora's Box include:

  • The Honourable Justice Mary Gaudron’s Speech to Launch Australian Women Lawyers
  • Anne C. Thacker on ‘Legislating Regulation of Human Reproductive Technologies’
  • Eileen Baldry on ‘Institutionalised Women- Women Prisoners’
  • Sergeant Lisa Roiser on ‘Stalking’