Pandora's Box 2001 - International Human Rights

This year Pandora’s Box extended its horizons to a transnational focus: international human rights. This edition drew together contributors from women in diverse sectors of society, including the judiciary, the diplomatic corps, the police service, academia, non-governmental organisations and politics. The journal provided a forum for women’s reflections on a range of local and national issues: women and policing in our community, legal aid, justice for women in Australia and international human rights obligations.

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The 2001 contributors for Pandora's Box include: 

  • Foreword by Cheryl Kernot MP
  • Dr Suzanne Dixon on ‘The Myth of Pandora’s Box’
  • Sergeant Maree Foelz on ‘Improving the Relationship Between Policing and Women in the Community’
  • Vivienne Wynter on ‘Women and Legal Aid’
  • Justice Roslyn Atkinson on ‘Women and Justice – Is There Justice for Women?’
  • Justice Margaret McMurdo on ‘Bridges and Strategies Spanning the 20th and 21st Centuries- A Personal View’
  • Senator Vicki Bourne on ‘Corporate Accountability: Corporate Code of Conduct Bill 2000’
  • Prof. Margaret Reynolds on ‘Does Australia Protect Human Rights?’
  • Prof. Hilary Charlesworth on ‘Australia and the International Human Rights System’
  • Senator Vicki Bourne on ‘The Teoh Bill and International Human Rights’
  • Prof. Hilary Charlesworth on ‘The Silences of Human Rights’
  • Katarina Månsson on ‘Terrorism in New York’.
  • High Commissioner- designate Penny Wensley on ‘HIV/AIDS and International Law: the UN special session on HIV/AIDS’
  • Jessie Wells on ‘Diversity, Strength and Desolation’
  • Louise Paw on ‘A tribute to Aung San Suu Kyi’

WATL Student Paper Competition 2001 Articles

  • Hamid Mirza on ‘Pakistani Women and the Quest for the Promised Land’
  • Abstracts of papers submitted to the Student Paper Competition