Pandora's Box 2002

This edition welcomed alternative forms of expression namely poetry and reviews as well as featuring contributions that profess an expansive range of perspectives on women’s relationships with the law, dovetailing general themes of emerging norms of human rights law in addition to touching on environmental concerns.



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The 2002 contributors for Pandora's Box include: 

  • Foreword by Zenovia Pappas
  • Katie Sutton and Jayne Huckerby on ‘A Gendered Interpretation: Women on the Bench of the ICC’
  • MTC Cronin on ‘Little Daffodils of Spring’
  • Lee Galloway on ‘Women and Armed Conflict: A little Progress’
  • Desire Timngum on ‘Rights to Economic Services in South Africa’
  • Susan Gail Harris on ‘Untold Numbers: East Timorese Women and Transitional Justice’
  • Helen Liebling and Shilu Shah on ‘Researching Sensitive Topics: Investigations of the Sexual Abuse of Women in Uganda and Girls in Tanzania’
  • Kirsten Macey ‘Women and Climate Change’
  • Susan Gail Harris on ‘Feminising Timorisation: Democracy and gender in East Timor’
  • MTC Cronin on ‘The Laws of Peace’

WATL Student Paper Competition Articles

  • Michelle Butler on ‘Too Close for Comfort? Japan’s Failure to Address the “Comfort Women” Issue’
  • Abstracts of papers