Pandora's Box 2003: Different Women, Different Lives, Same Struggle

This year’s theme “Different Women, Different Lives, Same Struggle” recognised that despite the significant differences in the status of women across the world all women share a universal struggle for equality. From as far as Iran to Indonesia contributions were received encouraging proactivity and highlighting the responsibility of women in changing the world.


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The 2003 contributors for Pandora's Box include: 

  • Foreword by Jacqueline Jago
  • Trudy Jacobsen on ‘Re-thinking ‘traditional’ perspectives: Women’s associations in post-revolutionary Cambodia’
  • Prof. Margaret Reynolds on ‘Protecting the United Nations in the National Interest’
  • Helen McEniery on ‘ “We the Peoples”: Challenging the Public Private Distinction in International Law and Extending International Legal Protection to Victims of Domestic Violence’
  • Nisha Bajpe on ‘Women and the International Law of Self-Determination’
  • Lynda Blanchard on ‘Reconciliation Business: Women and Citizenship in Australia’
  • Kirstie Marshall MLA on ‘Baptism by Fire’
  • Golrokh Jahanshahrad on ‘Human Rights, Women and HIV/AIDS’
  • Debbie Kilroy on ‘The Silenced Few- Non-English Speaking Women in Prison’
  • Nina Nurmila on ‘Indonesia Marriage Law on Polygamy: Reasons behind the Opposition toward the abolition of polygamy’
  • Senator Natasha Stott Despoja’s Speech Delivered at the Activating Human Rights and Diversity Conference, Tuesday 1 July 2003
  • Liz MacKinlay, Kristy Thatcher and Camille Seldon on ‘ “Lawyers talk in big words”: Understanding legal justice within the context of an Indigenous Australian women’s studies classroom’
  • Carla Klease and Kirsten Hagon on ‘ “Don’t Forget Your Own Backyard”- Human Rights Lawyering in Brisbane’
  • Robyn Lamsam on ‘Domestic Violence in Hong Kong’
  • Kim Rubenstein on ‘ “As a woman I want no country”: Citizenship, Nationality and International law ’
  • Dr. Seyed javad Emamjomehzadeh and Houri Jahanshahrad on ‘Women’s Political Participation and Political Development (with an emphasis on Islamic Societies)’
  • Sarah McCosker on ‘Human rights in Asia-Pacific Region: Assessing the Prospects for a Regional Human Rights Framework’
  • HREOC on ‘Gender and Race Intersectionality’
  • Philippa Hall on ‘Establishing the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Unit within the NSW Department for Women’

WATL Student Paper Competition Articles

  • Victoria Lenton on ‘Equality and Dignity For All: Weight Discrimination in Australia’
  • Abstracts of papers submitted to the Student Paper Competition