Pandora's Box 2004

This year’s articles investigated topics as varied as comparative terrorism laws, the boundaries of religious freedom, stolen wages, women in developing East Timor and the Australian sex industry. There are also articles from legal practitioners that provide inspiration and reinforce the importance of careful examination of the social implications of the law and the way it is practiced.



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The 2004 contributors for Pandora's Box include: 

  • Foreword by Oahn Tran
  • Julian Burnside QC on ‘The Practice of Law: Justice, or Just a Job?’
  • Mary Graham on ‘The Philosophical Underpinnings of Aboriginal Worldviews’
  • Nicky Jones on ‘Unveiling Secularism: The Islamic Headscarf and the New French Law’
  • Jennifer Batrouney SC on ‘Women and the Law: The Contribution Made by the Honourable Mary Gaudron QC’
  • Susan Harris Rimmer on ‘Building a Feminist Model of Transitional Justice: Women in East Timor’
  • Christine Howes on ‘Stolen Wages: Six Perspectives from Six Women’
  • Janelle Fawkes on ‘Australian Sex Industry Law: Who Has a Say?’
  • Helen McEniery on ‘Balancing Security and Liberty: Terrorism Offences in the Criminal Codes of Australia and Germany’
  • Ben Bertoldi on ‘Of Illegitimate Conceptions: Australian Laws Regulating Women’s Access to In Vitro Fertilisation and their influence on Gender Norms and the Heterosexual Nuclear Family’