Pandora's Box 2005: Women of the World

This edition of Pandora’s Box highlighted and gave praise to “Women of the World”. From women’s rights in Indonesia to girls as child soldiers, the 2005 edition of Pandora’s Box highlighted important issues on an international level as well as within Australia. Essays from the WATL Magistrates program were also published. These essays covered thought-provoking issues from judicial discretion to the effectiveness of the Murri Court and Drug Court in Brisbane.

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The 2005 contributors for Pandora's Box include: 

  • Foreword by Hilary Charlesworth
  • Dr Mark Zirnsak on ‘Killing Childhood-Girl Child Soldiers’
  • Dorne Boniface on ‘The Common Sense of Jurors Versus the Wisdom of the Law: Judicial Directions and Warnings in Sexual Assault Trials’
  • Dr Pamela Nilan and Prahastiwi Utari on ‘When Disciminatory Employment Practices Persist: Women as Media Workers in Indonesia’
  • Jennifer Zeng on ‘The Law and Me’
  • Prof. Madhu Dandavate on ‘The Battle for Justice’
  • Megan Breen on ‘ State Responsibility in the ‘Private’ Sphere: Refugee Status Granted Due to a Lack of State Protection from Domestic Violence- a Feminist Analysis’

Magistrates Work Experience Program Articles

  • Jessica Howley on ‘The Question of Discretion’
  • Bridget Daly on ‘One Last Chance’
  • Tamlyn Mills on ‘The Murri Court- Justice for All?’
  • Kathryn Purcell on ‘A Commentary on Non-Prison Sentencing Alternatives’
  • Evita Ymer on ‘Photo Essay’