Pandora's Box 2006: Women & Peace

The theme of this year’s edition was “Women and Peace”, which derived from the focus of the 2006 International Women’s Day celebration “Women Striving for a Peaceful Society”. This edition aimed to recognise that although peace is still not a reality for many women throughout the world, there are many dedicated individuals striving for a peaceful society both in Australia and internationally. We hope that reading the 2006 edition of Pandora’s Box not only provokes consideration of the daily struggles of many women towards peace but also inspires action as exemplified by the women identified within this edition. 


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The 2006 contributors for Pandora's Box include: 

  • Foreword by Chris Henderson
  • Maree Klemm Speech Delivered at the Queensland Government’s Office of Women Celebrations for International Women’s Day 2006
  • Elisabeth Porter ‘Women and Security: “You cannot dance if you cannot stand” ’
  • Ann Black on ‘Women and Religion in the Legal System of Brunei Darussalam’
  • Barbara Sullivan on ‘Gender, Sex Work and Law. The Impact of a New’ Regulatory Regime on Women Workers in the Queensland Sex Industry’
  • Holly Kluver on ‘Aung San Suu Kyi: Leading the Peaceful Battle for Democracy in Burma’
  • Louise Stevanovic on ‘Around the World with a Peaceful Heart’
  • Melody Kemp on ‘Endless Flight’

Magistrates Work Experience Program Articles

  • Breanna Hamilton on ‘The Queensland Justice System and Domestic Violence: Time for Something Special?’
  • Neha Chhatbar on ‘Envisaging an End to Violence’
  • Tristan Fitzgerald on ‘Alcohol: The Forgotten Drug That Requires Urgent Treatment’