Pandora's Box 2007


"Never bend your head

Always hold it high

Look the world straight in the eye."

~ Helen Keller



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The 2007 contributors for Pandora's Box include: 

  • Foreword by The Honourable Justice Debra Mullins
  • Clare Cappa on ‘Drug Courts: Offering a Helping Hand’
  • Dr Rachel Baird on ‘ This Jacket Does Not Fit and It Never Will’
  • Magistrate Di Fingleton on ‘Women Are Not Just Men Who Wear Skirts’
  • Rohan Price on ‘Instruction or Participation? Maximising Opportunities to Learn in a New Law School’
  • Yasmin Gunn on ‘ Developments in Anti-Discrimination Law: Queensland v Mohammed and Virgin Blue Airlines Pty Ltd v Hopper
  • Professor Loane Skene on ‘ Human Embryo Research and the Interest of Women’
  • Professor Rachel Field on ‘Seeking Justice for Victims of Family Violence in the New Australian Family Law System’
  • Irene Watson on ‘Universal Human Rights v Cultural Relativism: What’s Culture Got To Do With It?’
  • Neroli Holmes on ‘Women at Work: Equal Opportunity and Discrimination’
  • Jo-Anne Bragg on ‘Community Litigants in Queensland Planning and Environment Legal System’
  • Neha Chhatbar on ‘Murri Courts- An Empowering Process?’
  • Yii Fen Tan on ‘Prioritising the Purpose of Sentencing’
  • Wylie Nunn on ‘Queensland Drug Courts: A Contemporary and Innovative Response to Drug-Related Crime’