Pandora's Box 2008: In the Service of Justice

In keeping with the Pandora’s Box 2008 theme “in the service of justice”, contributors were invited to submit papers examining the people, processes and institutions that serve justice, as well as the meaning and relationship of justice and law. 




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The 2008 contributors for Pandora's Box include: 

  • The Hon Justice Michael Kirby on ‘Improving the discourse between courts and the media’
  • The Hon Justice Margaret McMurdo AC on ‘In the Service of Justice: the Queensland Bar Needs You!’
  • Stephen Keim SC on ‘The rule of law questions raised by the case of Dr. Haneef’
  • Aaron Rathmell on ‘At the coalface: A life in community law’
  • Professor George Williams on ‘A Charter of Rights for Australia’
  • Professor Margaret Thornton on ‘The fleeting history of feminism in the legal academy’
  • David Morrison and Clare Cappa on ‘The connection between law and justice: the utilisation of therapeutic justice in family law’
  • Sanmati Verma on ‘ Unpacking the aporias of security: an ethical instruction for lawyers attempting to negotiating the war on terror’
  • Anita Clifford on ‘Nothing but paper protection? An evaluation of domestic violence orders in Queensland’
  • Rachel Docker on ‘Evaluating the appropriateness of handling domestic and family violence matters in the Murri Court’
  • Nora Götzmann on ‘Criminal law and the ‘reasonable woman’