Pandora's Box 2012: Law, People and Politics

In our 2012 edition, Pandora’s Box got political! In the pages herein you’ll find articles, interviews and book reviews about the history and future of the referendum; about political finance law and potential reforms; about the High Court’s Mabo judgment and the native title system; about Australia’s first female High Court Justice and how she viewed the law as a tool for achieving social justice; about deliberative democracy and the rule of law; and much, much more.

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The 2012 contributors for Pandora's Box include: 

  • An Interview with Professor George Williams (on the history and future of the referendum)
  • Ms Pamela Burton (on former HCA Justice Gaudron's life and her impact on the law).
  • Dr Bryan Keon-Cohen AM QC (counsel in Mabo (No 2) - on native title law after 20 years since Mabo).
  • Dr Ron Levy (of Griffith University - on deliberate democratic reform proposals for our constitutional system).
  • Andrew Fraser (the former Deputy Premier and Treasurer of Queensland - reflections on a public life).
  • Professor Charles Sampford (of Griffith University - to former Governor-General and UQ Vice-Chancellor Sir Zelman Cowen).
  • Professor Graeme Orr (UQ - on the law of politics).
  • Dr Joo-Cheong Tham (Melbourne - on money in politics).
  • Ms Laura Hilly (a current Rhodes Scholar - on the Rule of Law).

About the Editors

William Isdale


William Isdale studies law, politics and philosophy at the University of Queensland. He is a past President of the Australian Legal Philosophy Students' Association (2012) and former Editor of the Justice and the Law Society's journal, Pandora's Box (2011-12). In early 2012 and 2014 he was a visiting student at Oxford University's Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics. 

Samuel Walpole

Samuel Walpole studies psychology and law at the University of Queensland where he is presently a Research Assistant in the TC Beirne School of Law and Student Editor of the Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal. He is a past President of the Justice and the Law Society (2014), and a former Editor of Pandora’s Box (2012-13).