Pandora's Box 2013: A Trip Abroad

In 2013, Pandora's Box took its readers on 'A Trip Abroad', with an international and comparative law theme. The volume featured a wide range of contributions, from cultural heritage law to the French criminal justice system. Inside, you will find a variety of insights from highly distinct and equally distinguished voices - taking readers to the high seas, the streets of Paris, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, the Niger River delta, the high-rise firms of Japan, the Pyramids of Giza, and around the globe again many times over.

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The 2013 contributors for Pandora's Box include:

  • Foreword by Professor Sarah Derrington (UQ)
  • An Interview with Professor Donald Rothwell (ANU) on the International Law of the Sea
  • The Hon Justice James Douglas (Supreme Court of Queensland) on 'The French Criminal Jury System'
  • Professor Hilary Charlesworth (ANU) on 'Feminist Travels in International Law'
  • Dr Warren Swain (UQ) on 'A Little Out of the Way Place': The Civilians in England'
  • Paul Kettle (former Legal Intern in the ECCC) on 'The Sentencing of Duch in the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia: A Failed Opportunity to Reinforce the Universality of Human Rights'
  • An Interview with Professor Gillian Triggs (President, AHRC) on Human Rights in Domestic and International Law
  • Jonathan Kolieb (Melbourne) on 'Australia: The Great Southern Land of Corporate Accountability?: Prospects of Human Rights Litigation Against Corporate Bad-Actors in Australian Courts'
  • Eve Massingham (Australian Red Cross) on 'Protection of Civilians – an International Humanitarian Law Perspective'
  • Associate Professor Leon Wolff (Bond University) on 'Litigiousness in Japan: Land of the Rising Law Suit?'
  • An Interview with Associate Professor Craig Forrest (UQ) on International Law and the Protection of Cultural Heritage
  • Jordan Sosnowski (Runner-up, ALPSA Essay Competition 2012) on 'Gorillas in our Midst: Expanding the Human Rights Rhetoric'
  • Lauren Dancer (St John's College, Oxford) reviewing ‘Mullahs without Mercy’ by Geoffrey Robertson QC

About the Editors

Samuel Walpole

Samuel Walpole studies psychology and law at the University of Queensland where he is presently a Research Assistant in the TC Beirne School of Law and Student Editor of the Australian and New Zealand Maritime Law Journal. He is a past President of the Justice and the Law Society (2014), and a former Editor of Pandora’s Box (2012-13).

Allister Harrison

Allister Harrison studies arts and law at the University of Queensland. He is a former President of the Australian Legal Philosophy Students' Association (2014) and Editor of Pandora's Box (2013).