Pandora's Box 2015: Crime, Justice and the People

In 2015, the theme of Pandora's Box was 'Crime, Justice and the People'. This edition sought to examine the citizens who make up the system and those who are affected by it. Marginalised groups, victims, juries and criminal lawyers themselves all received treatment in this volume.






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 This year's contributors include:

  • Foreword by Professor Simon Bronitt (UQ)
  • An Interview with Professor Heather Douglas (UQ) on Women, Indigenous Peoples and the criminal law
  • Professor Jane Goodman-Delahunty (Charles Sturt) on 'The Jury Box and the Urn: Containing Our Expectations'
  • Associate Professor Tamara Walsh (UQ) on 'Criminal Justice Research and How I Realised I Know Nothing'
  • Dr Tyrone Kirchengast (UNSW) on 'Enforceable Rights for Victims of Crime: Shifting the State/Offender Paradigm in Adversarial Systems of Criminal Law and Justice'
  • Rebecca Wallis and April Chrzanowski (Griffith) on 'Addressing Indigenous Over-Representation in the Australian Criminal Justice System: Some Thoughts about the Role of Legal Institutions as Stewards of a Complex System'
  • An Interview with Soraya Ryan QC on mental health and the criminal bar (Qld Bar)
  • Mr Greg Barns (Tasmanian Bar) on 'Lord Bingham’s Rule of Law and Australia’s Anti-Terror Legislation'
  • Mr Stephen Keim SC (Qld Bar) and Ms Bridget Armstrong (Australian Lawyers for Human Rights) on 'Fighting to the Death: Thoughts for Anti-Death Penalty Activists to make Further Progress towards the Goal of an End to Judicial and Extra-Judicial Executions'
  • Ms Melinda Taylor (International Criminal Court) on 'For Whom the Bell Tolls: Reflections on the International Criminal Court and the Death Penalty'
  • Simon Lamb (UQ) on 'A Critical Examination of the Defence of Dwelling in Queensland'
  • Book Review by Sam Walpole on 'Prosecuting Maritime Piracy: Domestic Solutions to International Crimes' (Michael P. Sharf, Michael Newton and Milena Sterio (eds))


About the Editors

Michael Potts

Michael Potts studies Arts/Law at the University of Queensland, expecting to graduate in July 2016. He is Research Assistant to Professor Simon Bronitt of the TC Beirne Law School, and has worked as a clerk for a local criminal law firm.

Wendy Pei

Wendy Pei is a Bachelor of Arts/Laws candidate at the University of Queensland who is currently undertaking a placement at Prisoners' Legal Service. Wendy has also recently completed a joint submission to the Senate under the supervision of Professor Simon Bronitt regarding anti-corruption practices in Australia. She believes that corruption, like man buns and socks with thongs, is purely criminal.