The Beyond Eagle Street Guide is an annual careers guide published by the Justice and the Law Society in order to inspire and educate law students about career prospects outside of the highly publicised graduate programs offered primarily by firms with offices along Eagle Street in Brisbane city. For many law students, a clerkship with one of these "top-tier" firms can seem like the be-all and end-all of their legal career prospects - and nothing could be further from the truth.

Whilst these firms certainly offer excellent opportunities, law students may find that careers in government and policy, academia, international law, community legal centres, in-house lawyering, boutique or rural and regional firms are more suited to their interests and strengths. As these opportunities often require careful research, the Justice and the Law Society provides an annual review of a wide range of graduate roles available across the whole of the legal industry to assist students in their transition from university to career.

BEStG '18 Cover
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the 2018 guide

The 2018 Beyond Eagle Street Guide was collated by the Careers and Marketing Portfolios with the assistance of the 2018 Executive Team.


the 2019 guide

The 2019 Beyond Eagle Street Guide provides an updated collection of all the graduate opportunities that exist for students who wish to pursue a career outside of a large commercial law firm.