The Careers Team

JATL hosts a variety of unique and exciting careers events each year, all with a social justice focus. These events provide an opportunity for law students to network with legal professionals who have contributed to topical areas of social justice and law reform. Whether students are interested in finding more about pro bono opportunities within their degree or are looking for assistance with their first steps into the legal world, the careers team is dedicated to providing information and support to help students find a rewarding and meaningful career in the legal industry.


JATL’s careers events include:

  • Beyond Eagle Street Drinks, which aims to expose students to the various career opportunities a law degree can offer, including work within Community Legal Centres, regional areas, mid-tier and boutique firms, academia, and government agencies;
  • Law Beyond the Border, which introduces students to an extended group of professionals who work in international law and diplomacy;
  • Wigs at the Bar, our premier cocktail event where law students have the opportunity to converse with eminent barristers, judges and judge’s associates;
  • Speed Networking, providing a fun and fast opportunity to make contacts within the legal profession in an environment similar to speed dating;
  • Annual Professional Breakfast which concludes JATL’s careers events for the year and where students and members of the legal profession gather for breakfast and JATL’s academic journal Pandora’s Box is released.

If you have any questions about the Careers portfolio, please feel free to fill out the comment box below and our Careers team will reply to your request/inquiry. 

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