Darkness to Daylight Challenge Run 2015


Last week, JATL was pleased to be able to lend support the Darkness to Daylight challenge, which raised awareness and $35,000 in support of victims of domestic violence in Australia. The night began with a candlelight vigil, followed by the overnight 110km Night Run which represents the 110 lives lost each year due to domestic violence.[1] Some did the 110km individually, whilst others formed teams to run the course as a relay. 

In the morning, the Together Run had everyone run the final 10km together to represent all the organisations that are working to end domestic violence. More than 300 people participated in the run, and many volunteers, including some from JATL, were there to support them. The event was organised by Australia's CEO Challenge with the support of Minter Ellison.

Domestic violence affects people of all walks of life and is not confined to a particular demographic.[2] The Darkness to Daylight challenge is a way to make a difference to the statistic that two people die every week in Australia at the hands of a loved one.[3] 

I volunteered from 3.30am to support the participants during the last leg of the Night Run and for the Together Run. It was really inspirational to see the endurance of the runners, especially those who ran the entire 110km. JATL executive member Wendy Pei volunteered in the morning for the clean-up and handing out the medals. I was so impressed with everyone who participated in this fantastic display of solidarity and awareness for an important issue.

UQLS Running Club participants Amy, Will, Sarah and Hamish.

It was also great to see familiar faces from the UQ Law Society Running Club who did the Night Run as a relay. The participants included Samuel Irvine Casey, May Ann, Jane Hall, Claudia Barry, Gabbi Davis, Jasmine Zamprogno, Sarah Connolly, Matt Fox, Will Baxter, Hamish Swanson and Amy Bergman. Everyone remained enthusiastic throughout the night - even at 3.00am! Their efforts have helped to shine a light on domestic violence, as well as raising money to support primary prevention initiatives and community domestic violence services.


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